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Getting Started with Ecommerce Analytics and Reporting for Shopify

August 23, 2018

August 23, 2018 Why it’s important We have conversations with Shopify merchants on a weekly basis, who know that their stores could be performing better (your store can pretty much always be performing better), but they aren’t sure where to start with trying to figure out where the weak points are, and what can be […]

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Bounce rate and how to fix it.

Bounce Rate: What It Means and How to Improve It

April 17, 2017

You may have heard the term bounce rate thrown around by your web developer or IT guru. You may have also had absolutely no idea what they were referring to or why you should care.

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Woman Google searching on laptop.

Register Your Business With "Google My Business"

October 27, 2016

Often times I’m in a rush to find out the hours of operation for a local business. I usually don’t know the business’s website URL. Usually do a quick internet search. If the business i’m interested in has registered their business with Google My Business I can see all the information I need right from Google!

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Google Analytics.

Setup Google Analytics: Step By Step

July 19, 2016

Google Analytics is a free tool that tracks your users, where they come from and what they do on your site. It’s a must for any small business.

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