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Black Friday Cyber Monday flat lay.

The Black Friday Follow Up You Need To Be Doing TODAY

November 27, 2018

November 27, 2018 Just The Beginning Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone. You’ve been fulfilling orders like a maniac and now thing are calming down. The dust has settled somewhat and you’re thinking, now what? Maybe you collected a ton of new social media followers and email subscribers over the past few […]

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female taking notes and browsing laptop

How to Make Sure You’re Playing by the Email Marketing Rules

October 23, 2018

October 23, 2018 When it comes to marketing, there are countless touch points you can have with a client or lead. Engaging with their social media comments and shares, answering their inquiries on your site, and having great face to face conversations at events and trade shows are all important ways to nurture current and […]

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Making the Most of Your In-Person Events

October 16, 2018

October 22, 2018 If you’re running a small business you likely know the importance of in-person interaction with your clients and prospects. In-person interaction is a great way to create meaningful engagement and also turn prospects into clients, and past clients into repeat ones. Seminars, workshops, meetups, social events, and exclusive brand events, like grand […]

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increase ecommerce store revenue

You Want to Increase Your Store’s Revenue; What Should You Focus On?

October 4, 2018

October 4, 2018 We have consultations with a lot of Shopify Merchants and a regular topic of those consultations is how to bring in more revenue. Obviously if you’re a business owner, you want more revenue, but I find that many Merchants have tunnel vision when it comes to this topic. A lot of the […]

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Candy packaged in small plastic bags.

Product Packaging for Ecommerce Sales

September 4, 2018

September 4, 2018 When it comes to packaging your e-commerce products for sale, it can be tough to know where to start. While packaging may seem like a small detail to some, it’s so import to think through every element of your product packaging and how these choices will impact order fulfillment and your business […]

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Ecommerce Shopify Analytics

Getting Started with Ecommerce Analytics and Reporting for Shopify

August 23, 2018

August 23, 2018 Why it’s important We have conversations with Shopify merchants on a weekly basis, who know that their stores could be performing better (your store can pretty much always be performing better), but they aren’t sure where to start with trying to figure out where the weak points are, and what can be […]

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