Bento Abroad Series | Swiss Escape Co-working and Co-Living Space - Switzerland

Bento Abroad Series | Swiss Escape Co-working and Co-Living Space - Switzerland

November 14, 2018

Co-living and Co-working at Swiss Escape

This past summer members of the Bento team had the opportunity to visit Swiss Escape, a co-working and co-living space tucked away in a small village in the Swiss Alps.

While we have visited other co-working spaces since going digital, this was the longest we have worked in any one space. This is also the first time we have stayed in a co-living space.

In this post, we will break down how this space runs, what we loved about it, and help you decide if this is the right co-living and co-working space for you to visit.

Swiss Escape living space.

The Chalet

Swiss Escape is stunning and consists of two chalets. The lower chalet we stayed in is spacious, modern, and has high-end finishes and touches throughout. Backdropped by the lush green forest of the Swiss Alps, the chalet really feels like an escape.

On the ground floor of the chalet are the entryway, garage and laundry area. The first floor houses 3 bedrooms, which each sleep two, and two full baths. The top floor is the main living area, working area, powder room, and kitchen, framed by a long from the terrace which houses ample space for working and relaxing.

Shared working space at Swiss Escape, co-working space in Switzerland.


A massive landslide had the internet out of commission for the entire valley for the first week of our stay. Our hosts Fanny and Haz were incredible and provided us with SIM cards so we could work and keep our business running. We lost little time as a result of this massive internet outage which was great.

Once that issue was resolved we had strong internet speeds, even with a full chalet and were able to conduct all business as usual, including countless video calls with our Canadian team and global clients without any issues.


There were a total of 6 guests at the space during the time we were there. Nomads and remote workers from around the world came to the space which made for a great group to both learn from and socialize with.

The main working space in the chalet is located next to the living space and kitchen, which makes it a really lively environment to discuss work and share ideas.

If you're more a heads down independent worker, there is a private Skype room where video calls and work requiring more concentration can take place.

Fanny and Haz also offered to add a small desk to our bedroom, which we took them up on and gave us a more private area to be more productive and have client calls.


During our stay there were learning opportunities arranged and facilitated by Swiss Escape. Drawing on the expertise of the group members, mini sessions and workshops were held which allowed the group to share knowledge and experiences.

Our sessions were fairly informal, as the group was fairly close-knit, but we had a few sessions on topics such as managing remote teams, WordPress basics, and yoga and relaxation techniques you can do at your desk.

These workshops will change based on who is at the chalet, but they are a great way to learn from one another and draw on the talent in the group.

Living and co-working space in Swiss Escape.


In the town of Grimentz and the surrounding Valais region, there is lots to do in both summer and winter.

Winter activities include the obvious; skiing and snowboarding is a huge part of life in Grimentz. World class ski and snowboard slopes await you as well as fantastic aprés ski in the picturesque village.

The town comes alive in winter and this is the high season for the village and for Swiss Escape.

The Bento team visited in summer and there was still lots to do. Hiking, walking, traditional bread making, star gazing, exploring the village, photography, and yoga, all kept us busy during our downtime.

If you're a mountain biker, there are rental shops in the village and stunning, challenging, mountain biking trails to explore.

There is no shortage of activities to keep you entertained, but overall the village was very laid back in quiet in the summertime. If you are looking for a secluded and chill town, Grimentz has your name on it.

We would recommend taking a vehicle with you if possible for added mobility. Without a vehicle, you will be taking buses to neighbouring towns etc. A car will give you even more ability to explore the region and get out of the town when you feel the need to explore.

Relaxing in the living room of Swiss Escape

Recenter and Relax

From a business and personal perspective, Swiss Escape is a great way to spend some time working on your business, not "in" your business. The secluded and quiet town of Grimentz in summer was the perfect place to recharge and refocus the team and our priorities.

Personally, we were able to get some downtime and space from our typical routine to work on strategy, goals, and new direction for the future.

Hiking in the Swiss Alps and stopping at a bench.

Is Swiss Escape Right for You?

In our opinion, Swiss Escape is a great getaway for anyone, whether you're a solo traveller or team.

Nature lovers and outdoorsy folks we be particularly happy in this Alpine oasis. Winter and summer activities offer a lot of options for the more daring and sporty individual. Even introverted, non-athletic types (like yours truly), can enjoy relaxation and productivity and the stunning natural surroundings.

If you are looking for a unique co-working and co-living experience, we recommend trying Swiss Escape. Fanny and Haz are amazing hosts and will go above and beyond to make sure you get the most out of your stay.

Have questions for BentoSMB about Swiss Escape? Contact us today!

To get in touch with the amazing team at Swiss Escape, ask questions, or book your stay click here.

Happy Travels!

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