CASL Is Coming | What You Need to Know Before July 1st 2017

CASL Is Coming | What You Need to Know Before July 1st 2017

June 21, 2017

While CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) has been around since 2014, the program will be fully rolled out as of July 1st, 2017. CASL was launched with the purpose of reducing unwanted spam to Canadian consumers via email, text, and social media messaging.

If you communicate with customers through email or direct message than the July 1st date should be on your radar.

Here's what you need to know.

CASL Infographic

 What Do You Need to Do?

Before you send your next commercial electronic message (CEM) you must make sure you have:

  1. Obtained consent (implied or express) from the person to whom the CEM is sent.
  2. Included your contact information (i.e. email and mailing address) in the CEM.
  3. Included an unsubscribe mechanism in the CEM.

First of all, make sure to refresh yourself and your team on these 3 points and ensure they are being met. MailChimp and other email management systems have templates that make these tasks easy to complete.

Second, set up policies and processes for your business surrounding CASL. Ensure compliance is being met with every staff member.

The Cost of Non-Compliance with CASL

Non-compliance with CASL can have very real financial implications for your business. After July 1st the penalties are in full effect. Here is a penalty breakdown from the BDC:

"Failure to comply with CASL can lead to tough penalties for individuals up to $1 million, and corporations up to $10 million, for violating its provisions."

Ensure you are meeting CASL compliance. Even for a small business, it is essential. Non-consensual communication, whether explicitly marketing or not, is a CASL violation.

 CASL Four Tips Infographic

How to Take Action

Knowledge is power! Train your staff, create policies, and have a discussion about CASL and its requirements as a team.

Implement a CRM. A customer relationship manager allows you, the business owner, to manage the emails and communication going out to leads. Keep tabs on your communication and stay compliant.

Want more information on this legislation and its implications? Read this article from the BDC.

Want to talk about your email marketing strategy? Connect with us here.

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