How to Make Sure Your Online Ads Rock

How to Make Sure Your Online Ads Rock

January 17, 2017

When it comes to your business you may assume you don't know the first thing about online ads, but that's not true. You know much more than you realize.

Think about your daily browse through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Google. Whichever platform you find yourself on the most, you have surely noticed a relevant or interesting advertisement at some point. Whether helping you discover a new brand or product, or reminding you of something you were searching for a few days earlier, some ads are great.

On the other hand, you have likely also experienced an ill-placed, irrelevant, or annoying advertisement throughout your day. Some go beyond the annoying and irrelevant and are so accurate and personalized they border on creepy.

Finding Balance

It is a delicate balance to serve up ads to prospects that are relevant, timely, nonintrusive, yet eye-catching. It is an art when a company truly nails its advertising presence.

If you plan on running your own Facebook or Google ad campaigns, versus having them managed by an ads professional, there are ways to ensure your efforts strike this balance. Here are 3 musts on the road to mastering your online ads from Entrepreneur magazine.

Location is Everything

Ad placement is incredibly important. Ensuring your ad is in the best location both for your specific content and for the audience is essential. Ads which appear in the top banner or above the fold of a web page draw significantly more clicks than those that fall at the bottom of a page.

Ensuring you are in the best possible location is vital. Though these spaces come with a high price tag, it is worth it to be where people are clicking. A bad location is a waste.  For example, ads located part way through an article are seen as interrupting the flow of content and are therefore seen negatively. This can impact your brand and cast it in a negative light.

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Don't Over Personalize

Remarketing occurs when you target specific ad content to users who have visited your site, another specific site or have completed a certain action. While serving up relevant ads is what you want to reach for, over-personalized ads can come off as creepy and invasive. 

You have likely seen retargeting before in your daily life. You may Google a kettle and browse some options The Hudson's Bay site. Suddenly, that kettle you looked at is following you around the internet, appearing in ads on Facebook, the CBC, or anywhere else you may go online. Too much remarketing and personalization of your content can come off too strongly.

They Clicked! Then What?

Make sure if your ad makes an offer or promise to the consumer that your ad click gets them where they want to be. Do not make people jump through hoops to get to the offer or information you promised.

If you tell people they are going somewhere, take them there! If your add offers a 30% off code or free shipping, make sure that offering is easily acquired. This will help tremendously with your bounce rate. Misleading ads that don't deliver on their promises harm not only your brand but your Google ranking as well.

Hire a Professional

Managing your own ads can be challenging, especially when you are busy trying to run your businesses. Want advice on digital advertising or remarketing? Need someone to take the reins and create some awesome ads for you? Contact us today and we can refer you to an expert who can help.

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