It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Shopify Store! Here’s how.

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Shopify Store! Here’s how.

April 23, 2019

Summer, Is that you?

We don't want to scare it off, but it feels like Summer might finally be on its way. While summer isn't technically here for a little while, we are getting ready for it today. The winter chills are subsiding, things are sprouting, and there is an energy in the air that only Springtime brings.

Spring cleaning and organizing for both your life and your home is so important, but your small business or side hustle should be no exception for a good dusting and scrubbing.

Here are 5 ways to spring clean your Shopify store this season.

Flat-lay of blue cleaning supplies and equipment.

1. Update Your Photography

Swapping out your photography is a great way to refresh the look and feel of your store without changing everything. Photography changes can range from updating your header images to overhauling all of your product photography. It really comes down to what your specific store needs and what your budget will allow.

Updating all of your product photography, for example, is a big task, but if it's out of date and potentially hurting your business, then it may be time to think about new images.

If your product photography is solid, but your home page is looking a little stale, consider updating a couple of large images to get good bang for your buck. If you're able to produce original, high-quality photography yourself that is the best case scenario. However, if you need to leverage stock images that is a good option too, just make sure you are purchasing them through proper channels or using free images.

Shopify has its own free stock photography site called Burst and it's a great resource if you are looking for free, high-quality images for your store.

Need photos of adorable kittens? They've got em. More of a dog person? I get it (sort of). Well, they've got them too.

If you do decide to swap up your photography, just be sure you keep things polished and on brand. Don't use images that aren't brand consistent just because you love them.

2. Review Your Apps

Another way to give your Shopify store a little boost this Spring is to review your apps. An audit of your apps will allow you to determine whether there are apps that need to be upgraded.

It's also a great time to remove apps that aren't being used any longer. Sometimes things get installed on your store, and then they fall by the wayside, get replaced, or forgotten about completely. Do a cull and be sure to remove anything not in use.

This is also a great time to upgrade to any new versions of apps that may be available. This will ensure your store is running smoothly and that only the newest and best versions of apps are being used on your store.

There may also be apps that were the best solution at the time that is now causing headaches and issues. Do some research and take time to see if there may be better options on the market that was not there when you initially installed the apps. The thing with app development is that there are always new kids on the block. See what other options are out there and consider swapping apps if that makes sense for your store.

Be sure to do your research and consult with a Shopify Expert before making a major change. This will reduce the chance of an issue or disruption of services.

Blue recycling bin with plastic overflowing.

3. Give Your SEO Some Love

When it comes to selling your products online, SEO is critical. Getting customers to your store and standing out from the crowd is vital.

We hear from lots of Shopify merchants who think that their store will just be found without any thought or effort put into it. They make their site live and then sit and wait for sales to start rolling in. This is not the case in most scenarios.

Hey, if you're getting masses of traffic and making countless sales and you have never given your SEO a second thought, then all the power to you, but that is likely not the case.

While I won't get into the details of SEO and how to gain traction, I will say that if you haven't given your SEO a lot of thought, take a look and see what's what.

Shopify has lots of awesome resources on search engine optimization that dive into the nitty-gritty of your store's SEO. Take a look at their detailed SEO guide here.

4. Update Products

What would your store be without its products? They are the core of your Shopify store and they need to be spot on.

Use your Spring cleaning motivation to take a look at your products. Maybe it's been a long time since you reviewed your product descriptions? Revising them and giving them an overhaul is a great way to freshen up your content, highlight features that customers have made clear are relevant, clean up typos or issues with consistency, and so on.

A good cleaning up of products, descriptions, images, tags etc. will give you more clarity and confidence in your store and the products you carry.

Think your products are perfect? In that case, you should definitely give them a review. There are always small tweaks and improvements that can be made to up your game.

T-shirts on wooden hangers against a grey wall.

5. Update Your Theme

While there are lots of small changes you can make to your store to give it a little polish and shine, in some cases, it may be necessary to update your Shopify theme.

If your theme is old, out of date, buggy, sluggish, or all of the above, it's probably time to have a Shopify Expert assess your store and determine if a complete theme revamp may be beneficial.

Out of the Sandbox, a Shopify theme developer puts it perfectly:

"Keeping your Shopify theme up to date not only ensures you get the latest and greatest features in your theme, but it’s also a way to ensure that you’ll get access to all of the latest bug fixes and updates to the code."

An up to date, well-maintained theme, is a healthy theme and will save you countless headaches.

So, if you think your theme may be beyond a good scrubbing, get in touch with us today. Our developers, designer, and in house Shopify Experts can help you revamp your theme and get things running smoothly again.

Hand scrunching a soapy pink loofa.

Here's to a Fresh New You!

Whatever changes you decide to move forward with, we are pumped you are giving your Shopify store some much-needed love.

Even small changes can make a difference, not only in how customers see your store but in how you feel about it.

Sometimes a confidence boost for YOU is the best way to help you grow. So, do some spring cleaning, then take pride in your store and share it with the world!

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