Kingston’s First Shopify Meetup

Kingston’s First Shopify Meetup

December 05, 2017

What a night! Thank you!

We were so happy to see so many from the YGK Shopify community in one room. Thank you so much to everyone who made our first Shopify Meetup event possible. Our incredible speakers, panellists, and sponsors really brought this event together. Of course, this event would not have been possible with YOU. Thank you for supporting this new initiative in YGK.


Wait, what happened?

We at Bento are huge fans of Shopify, so much so that we decided to hold a community Meetup. Since it was Kingston’s first we wanted to kick things off right! The purpose of our event was to bring the Shopify community together. Whether you are a Shopify merchant, guru, expert, or just interested in the e-commerce platform, everyone was welcome. Over 70 community members attended and filled up our seats in the Innovate Kingston Town Hall.

Our event was sponsored by some amazing businesses, including; Innovate Kingston, Wing Studios, King’s Town Beer Company, Eat Lover, Knifey+Spooney, Shiva’s Delight, and last but not least Shopify! Thanks again to our sponsors for providing our delicious food & beverages, gifts, photography, and event space!

More than just a Meetup

At some point during the night, we found that the event was becoming more than just a gathering of similar minds. The stories from our amazing speakers Grant Goodwin (Docupet), David Gaylord (Shopify), & Max Sadlowski (BentoSMB) and panellists Natasha Lux (Magnolia Flowers), Tara McCallan (Happy Soul Project), & Krista Leavitt (The Curl Shoppe) were eliciting something more, a sense of pride for our community and for those who dare to be entrepreneurs. We heard of the struggles and triumphs of our panellists as they became business owners, something many in the audience could relate to. We learned of how Shopify is more than just an e-commerce software, it was able to connect and empower us as a community. Finally, we received a necessary reminder that we need to both appreciate and celebrate our small, yet extraordinary community. As Kingstonians we need to recognize how great our city is.

Panel at our First Kingston Shopify Meetup
Key Takeaways

The importance of this Meetup became clearer as time passed on, not only during the event but afterwards as well. Getting together in order to share stories is more valuable than we could have imagined. Advice from a seasoned entrepreneur or Shopify merchant could be life-changing to new business owner sitting in the audience. A connection made in the meet and greet could lead to a skyrocketing idea or career. Even describing experiences with Shopify, whether praise, criticism, or recommendations create value for both companies. This gathering of minds will strengthen our community and further solidify its importance in the grand scheme of things. It is for these reasons why we will be doing more meetups like this.

Speaker at our First Kingston Shopify Meetup

What’s next on the docket?

As the night came to an end many of our guests questioned our team wondering when the next meetup would be, and we’re excited to say it will be sooner than you think! We plan to have Shopify gatherings at least two or three times a year, though it could be more if we see major growth in the community. Please let us know if you would be interested in attending by joining our Shopify Kingston group on


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