Our New Website and Services are Here

Our New Website and Services are Here

October 07, 2019

It’s been a long time coming, but our new website is finally here. Bento has been so busy with custom app and store building projects that our own internal project took some time to get off the ground. Our team spent evenings and weekends making sure our new Shopify site was developed and ready to go before year-end.

We loved our old website and it served us well, but it was time for a refresh. Not only did we want to build our new site with fresh new branding, but we also needed to streamline and update the content to reflect the services we no longer offer, as well as showcase the new kids on the block. So, what service changes are now reflected on the site? Here’s a summary to make things simple.

What services are leaving?

Marketing Operations

While we have loved working with our marketing clients, we are no longer able to provide these wide-reaching services to new clients. This includes digital advertising, content marketing, social media management, and account setups.

Business Operations

Business operations are one of the services we started with, but with our small remote team, we aren’t able to deliver these services effectively to our global client base. Business operations will always be part of what we do, as your processes drive your store and your needs.

What services are staying?

Theme + Store Setup

We have built over 50 different sites, from basic templated theme mods to heavily customized and feature-rich. We look for ways to keep things simple, ensure you maintain control over your site, and minimize external applications. We will continue to build professional websites that look amazing and just work, however, we now exclusively build on Shopify.

Have a theme build or store set up project in mind? Our project managers are here to help make your project a success and run smoothly.

BentoSMB's project manager Kelly Squier.

What new services are available?

Store Customizations + Small Jobs

Small tasks make up a large part of our business outside of site builds. Have a smaller job, customization or difficult to find bug? No problem. We can build customizations, fix bugs, and modify your store to your exact specification.

Custom Application Development

While we have been building apps for a while now, we are now officially including it on our website. We have worked with many merchants to build custom applications big and small. We are even published in the Shopify App Store. Our systems allow us to minimize costs while ensuring quality, reliable and scalable apps. Have a custom app you need to be built? Contact our team today.

Max Sadlowski CEO of BentoSMB Inc.

We Hope You Love the New Site

So, take a look around and let us know what you think. We hope you’ll love the new look, services, our work page, and more. Have questions let us know! Want to stay in touch and hear more from the BentoSMB team? Subscribe today for more information about new apps, special projects, and sites we are proud of.

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