Recap of Our Spring Shopify Meetup 2018

Recap of Our Spring Shopify Meetup 2018

March 13, 2018

How It All Started

Back in November 2017, we planned our first Shopify Meetup in Kingston, Ontario. The goal of the event was to bring the local Shopify community together. Even those who knew little about the e-commerce platform were welcome since this would be a perfect opportunity to learn. The Shopify community and general interest in the platform was larger than we expected - our event was packed! It was so great to see everyone come together, sharing stories and giving advice to others.

 Shopify Meetup in Kingston, ONShopify Meetup YGK


Bringing Everyone Together Again

After the successful turnout of the first event, we saw the opportunity and understood the importance of holding regular meetups. The audience's eagerness to learn and share their experiences with each other was inspiring. As a result, the plans for the Spring meetup were soon underway.

Soon, the day of the meetup arrived and again, the event went off without a hitch, packing the historic town hall provided by Innovate Kingston!

This time around we got to hear from three local Shopify merchants, Kelli Rain (Holistic Rain), Kathy McRae (UNDR For Men), &  Casey Boyce (Shiva’s Delight)! Each of our merchants spoke about their unique entrepreneurial journeys and how their past experiences have impacted their thriving careers today. Their stories all echoed one another with their similarities. Career dissatisfaction, needing to make a change, and a leap of faith all led them down the entrepreneurial path.

Each merchant then went on to speak about Shopify and how integrating their businesses into the e-commerce platform has benefitted them. Some have been using Shopify for a few years, others a few weeks, but they all agree that e-commerce was the natural next step to see their businesses succeed and expand.

It was wonderful to hear the conversations between the new entrepreneurs from the crowd and our expert speakers. You never know what piece of advice may strike a chord with someone, pushing them to follow their own dream.

 Speakers and panelists at BentoSMB's Kingston Shopify Meetup

L to R: Kelli Rain (Holistic Rain), Casey Boyce (Shiva’s Delight), Kathy McRae (UNDR For Men)


Key Takeaways

While there were so many motivating pieces of advice that came out of the event, these were our favourites:

Keep going.

There are always going to be people telling you, "You're crazy", or "You can't do this", or "No one is going to buy that". Don't listen. If you know you're onto something, keep going. No matter how successful you are or how much social proof you gain, there will always be people ready to make comments and bring you down. Ignore them and focus on your support network.

Work hard and do what you LOVE.

It has to be about passion. Starting a business because there is a trend or an opportunity is definitely possible, and many people do it. If your business isn't rooted in passion, you should keep looking for that thing that sparks you.

Never stop learning.

Read books, articles, and take training courses. There is so much to learn. Be sure to invest time in growing your business, and helping others grow too. Entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs needs to be more commonplace.

 Speakers at our Kingston Shopify Meetup

 L to R: Kelli Rain (Holistic Rain), Casey Boyce (Shiva’s Delight), Kathy McRae (UNDR For Men), Max Sadlowski (BentoSMB



The People That Made it Possible

Thank you so much to everyone who made our Shopify meetup possible! Our event was sponsored by some amazing businesses, including; Innovate Kingston, Wing Studios, Riverhead Brewing Company, Magnolia Flowers, and last but not least Shopify! Thanks again to our sponsors for providing our beverages, gifts, photography, and event space! Of course, this event would not have been possible without YOU, the attendees. Thank you to all the merchants, gurus, and partners who make the YGK Shopify community strong.

Local craft beer from Riverhead Brewing in Kingston ON

 Riverhead Brewing Company (Event Sponsor)


What's Next on the Docket?

We are already busy planning the next Meetup that will take place in April! This Meetup will be a bit different since there will be a higher concentration on the development side of Shopify.  Stay tuned through our group on for more information on upcoming events!

Were you at our last event? Give us some feedback on what you feel worked well and what didn't by filling out our short survey!

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