See How We are Tackling POS Pain Points

See How We are Tackling POS Pain Points

July 11, 2019

We Love Point of Sale

Shopify point of sale, or POS, has always been at the heart of BentoSMB. From our early days as a one-man shop, we have loved helping retailers handle their business operations, help tackle POS issues and find solutions that just work.

Working with small businesses in Ontario, Canada, we loved the nitty-gritty of in-store point of sale.

How are staff using the systems merchants have in place? Is it working? Not working? Why?

Is a slow system slowing down your entire day? Can you get support when you need it? What does your Shopify POS system NOT do that you wish it did?

For years we saw all kinds of patched together POS systems. Some old school, some new school, but none of them 100% perfect all of the time.

We listened to complaints and pain points from retailers and shared in their frustration, wanting to make their Shopify POS experience better.

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How Can We Help from the Road?

Travelling from place to place as a remote team means meeting brick and mortar store owners as we move around. This isn't always ideal.

We speak to business owners everywhere we visit but aren't in one place for long enough to offer repeat in-store visits etc. and diagnose problems over an extended period of time.

The solution? Find ways to make POS and in-store experiences better for Shopify merchants, digitally.

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Our Solution

Can we solve all Shopify POS related problems overnight? Of course not. There is a limitless number of nuanced issues different merchants require for their businesses.

We can start with one problem, look for a solution, and create it if one doesn't exist already.

Listening to retail merchants who share their struggles and frustrations with us, we found our first project.

Draft Orders for POS

The inability in Shopify POS to create and save draft orders between devices was something we heard about again and again.

We reached out to the Shopify community and, sure enough, there were lots of people looking for a solution for this unique feature.

Draft Orders for POS is a seamless way to create and save draft orders on Shopify POS. So, if you have a business where orders often start online and are completed in-store, Draft Orders for POS allows you to look up saved orders on your device and complete purchases in-person.

For high-end and customizable items, clients can start their order online and then come into your store to see, touch, and experience the products before finalizing their purchase.

Do you run a barbershop, hair studio, or spa? Use Draft Order for POS to have clients start their purchase online, completing it once services have been completed and any products added on at your location!

To see our explainer video, see our walkthrough, and read testimonials click here! You'll also get a Free 5-day Trial of the app so you can try it out on your store risk-free.

Draft Orders for POS Logo
Draft Orders for POS showing on tablet screen
Draft Orders for POS showing on laptop screen
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One Problem at a Time

So, this specific use case is a start, a drop in the bucket of unique features that merchants are looking for.

Our app development muscles are just getting warmed up, so look out for more apps and updates to Draft Orders for POS coming soon.

Have a functionality you need as a merchant and can't find anywhere?! Email us. Not only are we launching more apps in the app store for all merchants, but we also build custom apps for individual clients.

Get in touch with us here to chat.

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