The Future of Shopify | Shopify Unite Recap

The Future of Shopify | Shopify Unite Recap

May 25, 2018

Shot of Shopify Unite 2018

Members of the BentoSMB team recently took part in the dynamic and information-filled Shopify Unite conference in Toronto from May 7-9. With many exciting upgrades and enhancements to the platform around the corner, Shopify is quickly becoming the most efficient and important tool for e-commerce business. Here are a few of the updates to Shopify that we think will be the most important takeaways for our clients and partners.


This is huge. We know that users not being able to checkout in their preferred currency is a huge contributor to abandoned carts. Right now multicurrency is possible within Shopify, but it requires utilizing 2 third part apps to allow your site users to both view products in their preferred currency, and then actually complete their transaction in that currency. The apps work extremely well, and you can find more info on how to implement that setup in our comprehensive guide, but it will definitely be a bonus for Merchants to have this ability built in to Shopify. It will probably be a while yet before most Merchants have access to the feature, as it will start by being rolled out to Plus users this fall - but a welcome announcement nonetheless.


Historically, Merchants had to use apps or custom development to offer incentives such as BOGO and quantity discounts, but no longer. You can access this feature now from the Discounts section of your Shopify dashboard.

Manage Inventory

One of the most game-changing tools for growing businesses being introduced is Locations. Locations will help business owners manage their entire inventory across multiple locations in real time, in one place.  Whether it be for in-store or at a pop-up shop, Locations will help you effectively fill your orders and never miss a sale and will be available this summer.

Tied into this will be the ability to easily accept returns and exchanges, right from the POS. If a customer buys a product online (or at another location), but wants to return it in a different store, you'll easily be able to handle that transaction. You'll also be able to apply that refunded credit to a new purchase, providing more opportunities to upsell customers.

Tipping for POS

Another feature starting this summer is the ability to tip using the Shopify POS. One of the most requested items from Shopify users is the ability for their customers recognize the positive experience they've had with your business.

Shopify POS system hardware.

Tap & Chip Reader

Though only available to US-based Shopify merchants this fall (Stay tuned), the new tap & chip reader accepts ‘tap’ payments including Apple Pay and Google Pay, and chip-enabled credit cards. This new reader will allow your business a safe, reliable and fast way to give your customers a way to pay that they're comfortable with. And it looks pretty slick!


Customer View for POS

“Customer View” is a new Shopify app for the POS that will also be released this fall and will allow the customer a full view of the product and price, give the option of leaving a tip and allow them the choice of receipt method. Customers will feel more in control of their purchase and gives full transparency to their experience.

To learn more about new features coming to Shopify, you can visit this link.

Shopify is Focusing on Retail

All-in-all, these updates point to the fact that Shopify is taking retail much more seriously, and is focusing a lot of time, energy, and investment, on improving the experience of their retail merchants.

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