Custom Discount In Cart

Custom Discount In Cart



Inktuitive recognized that discounting their products was important to increase AOV as well as conversions to the cart and checkout. They also realized that discounts were not clear in the cart and that it was a likely culprit to drop offs from add to cart and beginning checkout.


Our solution was to build a custom system on their cart page that accepted the discount codes they used, automatically applied those from incoming links and marketing promotions, and allowed users to actually see the discount before they moved into checkout. As a result, conversions increased and more people continued their checkout workflow.

Discounts Shown In The Cart

Before, discounts would only be available in the checkout. Our system allows users to easily enter a discount code right on the cart page and see the discount applied before moving to the checkout screen.

Setting Discounts By Cookies

Shopify already holds a discount code in a cookie if a discount code link is used. Our solution pulls this in when set and allow the user to easily apply the discount without having to remember it. This also allows us to set this cookie elsewhere on the site, such as in blogs or pages.

Controlling Discount Codes

While we are not able to lookup the full list of codes from Shopify without custom APIs, our system allows the admin to add in the codes and what they should do to the customizer. This ensures we display the correct details to the user in the cart.

Automatically Syncs With Checkout

Once the user proceeds to checkout, the discount is automatically added to the checkout through a bit of custom code. This creates a streamlined customer flow that has brought higher conversions.