Having revised the website two previous times since the company’s creation, Sandgrens Clogs is always looking for a way to improve the buying experience for their customers. Sandgrens approached us needing to migrate their ecommerce website to a new, more advanced platform to support the company’s steady growth, with an updated design and custom features to streamline and connect their administrative processes.


Specific design and development attention went towards the large amount of content within the site to ensure it was user-friendly and captivating. We ensured that all required content from the old site was migrated and organized within the new Shopify store in a way that made buying and navigating the site a breeze. Shopify’s advanced integrations made it easy to connect Sandgrens administrative tools, which will ensure that they never need to migrate to another ecommerce platform again.

Migrating Content

Sandgrens old site had a large amount of content that was imperative to move over to their new Shopify store. With their store still operating and taking orders, we wanted to ensure that the migration process caused as little disruption as possible so we did the pieces individually. First migrating the blog, followed by products, reviews and products. Wanting to start fresh with orders, Sandgrens opted to not migrate their order history. Migrating from one platform to another is never an easy undertaking but all pieces made their way over to Shopify.

Integrating With Business Solutions

Sandgrens has some advanced business solutions to help them run efficiently and also focus on putting the customer first. With this in mind, we had to integrate their third-party inventory tracking system, a returns centre, a support desk feature and set up a custom wholesale system. Having all these helpful tools in one place makes it easier for their administrative team and ensures that customers can find what they need easily.

Custom Sub-Collection System

In Sandgrens old site, they had to break their products up into sub-groups because of the large amount of variant options they offered to their customers. The Sandgrens team wanted every variant to display on a product’s page, but didn’t want to have to use an app to go over the 100 variant limit so we reorganized the collections into nested collections. We took each Clog style and turned them into their own collections, with each colour option as it’s own product and then displayed it as if they were simply variants of one product. So now each style of their handcrafted clogs displays all colour options to the consumer and makes buying much easier.

Product Page Integrations

To ensure a smooth, more user-friendly buying experience, our team integrated information tabs, reviews and size charts on each product page. This meant that product details were always at customer’s fingertips and they could see all of the information they needed to make an informed purchase. This also ensured that Sandgrens support team received fewer questions regarding sizing, product details and shipping & return policies.