Synergy BDA was in search of a new website that was professional and clean, all while staying approachable and avoiding an overly clinical esthetic. Their existing booking system needed to be incorporated into their new build and things like redirects were key to maintain their SEO ranking. Client information also needed to be preserved in the new system to allow for a seamless experience for Synergy BDA’s existing clients. Older content also needed to be identified and excluded as the site was built.


Our solution was to build a custom design and layout using a photographer’s images to dictate the overall feel of the site. Preserving client information was essential, so we installed and configured a new booking system that would allow us to retain all of the information already in their system. Ony recent and relevant content was migrated into the new site at the client’s request. The end result is a seamless, easy to use site that puts relevant information at clients’ fingertips.

Clean Design + User Design

Our clean design compliments the tranquil photography and esthetic the client desired. Our entire design mirrored the photography of beautiful Bermuda that Synergy provided to us as inspiration for both the layout and the beach-themed colour palette.

Embedded Online Booking System

The booking system we installed allows Synergy to grow their business and client base, all while preserving a seamless experience for their existing clients. The smooth integration of this new booking system was crucial for the client.

Redirects & Maintaining SEO

Synergy has worked very hard to build up a steady client base and their website is referred to daily by their clients for upcoming events, blog posts and as a way to book a new appointment. Along with a new Shopify store, Synergy was also moving to a new domain. This meant that we needed to ensure that we manually connected all redirects from her old site pages to the new, including each individual blog post. While we often take this into account and do so for almost all of our Shopify stores, this was especially important for Synergy to ensure that all clients, who most certainly had pages bookmarked for the old site, were taken to the new web pages without any disruption.