Keith’s Cacao needed a brand new theme that was more accessible to the customers they were bringing on board. They needed a system that would better manage both wholesale and regular customers in a seamless manner. Tiered accounts were needed, as was the ability to allow practitioners to earn commission for their sales and marketing efforts. No existing solution allowed Keith’s to have multiple package types to reduce the cost of pick and pack. Instead of 20 single items, products were bundled in 5 and 10 pound increments. We needed a solution that would send the right products to the fulfillment center while also providing the user with a clear view of the total quantity.


Our team built a custom Shopify site including systems for wholesale, tiered pricing, and affiliate systems. Implementing Bold apps was a significant help in this regard. In addition, we created and introduced a custom solution that automatically rebuilds the cart upon checkout. This system ensures the right options for the total amount of product appear in the cart. It also ensures the correct variants are passed on to the fulfillment provider, all while staying directly on the Shopify store.

Wholesale & Tiered Pricing

Two key functionalities needed by the Keith’s team were the additional of wholesale and tiered pricing. Providing tiered pricing and wholesale pricing to select users was accomplished with changes to the theme and reliance on Bold Custom Pricing. Together, Keith’s can offer specific pricing to specific customers, along with a tiered price structure.

Advanced Cart Calculations

To cut down on pick and pack costs, inventory was held in 1, 5, and 10lb increments. Our system was designed to look at the products in the cart before checkout, determine what was in stock, and build the right combination to reduce the number of items. This results in a significant reduction in pick and pack costs.

Affiliate Systems

Keith’s needed a site that would better manage their affiliates. Leveraging Affiliatly, practitioners can easily register and be given a unique link to earn commission on sales. Tracking is automatic, payment can be easily sent to each affiliate, and commissions can be tracked all from one dashboard.

Built Completely On Shopify

While many of our solutions do require external resources and solutions, this solution was built with a few apps and a customized theme. Leveraging the Shopify Ajax API to modify the cart and build the right selection of products is handled without any external system.