Starting a Business in 2021

Starting a Business in 2021

The internet has done wonders for small businesses. You are no longer limited to traffic in the area of your brick and mortar store - you can sell products and services right out of your home to people all over the world! You might think this would make starting a business in this new age a piece of cake. This is not the case. Starting a new business in 2021 comes with it’s own unique challenges, and still requires the dedication and commitment of the pre-internet era. 

Your Business is Your Baby

Not much has changed in terms of how you approach your business. You still need to do all the research, planning and budgeting to set yourself up for success. Thankfully the internet does make this easier! From apps on your phone to websites and forums, there are countless avenues online to get the knowledge you need to feel ready to start your business. 

Remember, there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. To start, you should have a well defined business plan that outlines your brand, your target market, your competition and your strategy. This plan will keep you on track and help you recognize what’s working and when you need to pivot. The Shopify Community is a great resource for feedback and investigation. 

Most importantly, you need to be committed to your business. If there was a “set it and forget it” button for starting a business, I’m sure a lot more people would be a lot more successful. Your business needs absolute dedication from you if you want to see it grow into the vision you had at the start. Check in with yourself and any business partners and reflect on where you’re at, where you want to be, and how you’re going to commit yourself to get there. 

The Road Ahead Can Be Rocky

There will always be challenges and setbacks. If you are starting a business, you are expected to be an expert at everything. Can you attract and maintain customers? Can you understand and manage your finances? Have you set up your business to continue producing income if you get hit by a bus? Can you do all of these things at a pace that keeps you from feeling New Business Fatigue? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, do not worry! This is a completely normal part of the process and you will eventually make it through. 

Utilize Opportunities

Lucky for you, there are countless avenues to get the help that you need. The benefit of living in the age of the internet, is everything is just a quick click away! The amount of free and accessible articles and research online is borderline overwhelming. So use it! The Shopify community is a great place to start - you can find collaborators, freelancers and some fantastic advice from Shopify experts and other entrepreneurs just like you!