Taking a third place prize in the Shopify App Challenge, Recipes helps merchants better compete in capturing traffic from increased recipe searches and position their products and offerings better during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Problems to Solve

Many Shopify merchants across many different verticals regularly include recipes, how-tos and DIY instructions in their sites. However they are often poorly formatted, difficult to use for customers, and don’t include the proper SEO items that can help their discovery. We challenged ourselves to provide professional recipes to merchants so customers could easily make use of them, while ensuring SEO was taken care of automatically.


This app needed to add to the customers' experience without costing merchants time and energy to set it up.


We knew the users of our app would come from all kinds of industries and Recipes should be inclusive and usable by a variety of merchants.


As avid cooks ourselves, we know the value of a recipe layout that is familiar and straightforward.


SEO and search engine rankings are top of mind for merchants, so we made it top of ours when developing Recipes.


Slow to load content does nothing to help your store; we knew Recipes had to be fast to provide the value to merchants we envisioned.

Our Solutions

Recipes is a public Shopify application that takes care of all the heavy lifting. Merchants are able to use Recipes to create recipe content, DIYs, and how-tos in pages and articles, with a familiar customer interface, links out to products and collections, customizable settings to keep on brand, and complete and automatic recipe JSON-LD data for SEO.


Leveraging Shopify's Polaris framework, the app is seamless, familiar, and easy to use for merchants to add recipes, update details, adjust settings, and embed into their pages and blogs.


Recipes allows merchants to include recipe details, ingredients, instructions, media, and nutrition details that effortlessly format to a great customer view and structured schema for search engines.


Recipes show on the online store in a clean and familiar way - easy for customers to navigate, see instructions and ingredients, share on social platforms, and print.


Automatically added to each page and post, JSON-LD tells search engines everything they need to know about the recipes on the page, ensuring they are indexed properly and receive greater search rankings.


Built serverless using AWS, processing is quick and always available. Recipe data is synced directly to Shopify, meaning no app downtime, instant page loads, and scalability is baked right in.

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