Frequently Asked Questions

How We Work

Being a digital company means that our team works remotely from laptops and home offices, both in Canada and abroad. It also means we don’t have a brick and mortar location and that our meetings, both internally and externally, take place online.
Unfortunately, no. We do not take any in-person meetings with clients. We are happy to hop on a call and chat more about your project though!
No. As a digital company, we work remotely from all over the world. We have employees in Canada full time but do not have a brick and mortar office. Our team works from home offices instead.
Like you, our downtime with family is important to us. The BentoSMB team is available during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, and we don’t book calls or meetings on the weekend.

If you have a conflict, let us know and we will be happy to reschedule the meeting with you. If for some reason you experience a technical issue, please let us know right away and we will try to help resolve it.

If however you miss a meeting completely we will consider that a no-show and will bill for that meeting. We understand that things happen, but it is your responsibility to let us know if you are unable to make a meeting. Our time is valuable, it's why you decided to work with us to begin with.


While BentoSMB no longer takes on marketing clients, depending on your needs, we can refer you to another agency who can assist with your marketing efforts.
While BentoSMB does not complete photography in-house we work with a trusted partner who can provide you with incredible photography services.
Yes, we have a content writer on staff who can assist with anything from web page copy, to product descriptions, and blog posts. Get in touch with us via the contact form below to chat about your specific project.


An app discovery is essential to a successful app build. The discovery we will provide you is a roadmap to your app and its functionality. This discovery process allows us to turn over every stone and ensure everything has been taken into consideration with your specific project.
Your app discovery fees are treated as a deposit toward a future app build. So, if you decide to move forward with our proposed build, we will deduct what you paid in discovery fees from your total bill.

Shopify Plus

If you're thinking of making the move to Shopify Plus get in touch with us for a free 30-minute consultation to find out if it's right for you.
Absolutely. Our team has experience working with Plus merchants on their unique challenges on a large scale. Get in touch with us today to talk about your Plus store and your needs.

Payments + Billing

We are a small company, but we operate globally, working with clients around the world. In order to seamlessly serve all of our clients, in a way that is efficient for us to manage, we charge for all of our services in USD.
We want to make the payment process as simple as possible for our businesses. All of our projects are billed via credit card. We ask for a 50% deposit up front for all work. Larger projects such as app builds may be billed on a milestone basis as well.
No. We do not offer payment plans for projects.
During development, your site takes resources and requires maintenance to ensure that everything remains secure and safe. While it is not accessible under your proper domain, it is accessible through our development domain we set up, meaning others could access it or attack it. Because of this, the site requires maintenance and security checks just as a live website would and is why we charge for website hosting as soon as we begin work on your site.
Absolutely! You can purchase individual hours from us for small tasks and fixes to your Shopify Store. Just contact us for a quote for your specific task.
For very small tasks and fixes, we charge a minimum of 1 hour of billable time. We do this to account for the time needed for our team to discuss, assign, and resolve your issue in a timely manner.


No. BentoSMB no longer builds or provides support for websites built on Wordpress. We believe Shopify is a robust platform that works for any business. Don’t need e-commerce functionality for your site? Talk to us today about a Shopify site with the store functionality turned off for a reduced monthly fee.
Our standard answer is 6-8 weeks, but this depends on a number of factors. Each website is custom though, so curating content, locating images, installing apps, and adding custom functionality all change the length of time. In the end, we always work at a pace that feels comfortable for the client.

If we are launching a brand new store for you, then likely not. We can setup a development store for you and work in that during the build out. There is no charge for development stores. 

If however you already have a store and are paying for that currently, we cannot pause the payments unless we move to a brand new site. 

If you have further questions about this, please chat with your project manager and they can review your specific situation.

Store Customizations + Tasks

Yes, we can absolutely help with small fixes and issues on your Shopify site. Get in touch with us and we can give you a quote and time frame for your specific issue.

There are a number of reasons. First, we do this so that we do not need to bother you with adding more features in the future. We have found this to be rather difficult and a delay in our ability to complete work if we do not have the right access. Second, when we are doing more advanced code edits to your store, we need to be able to create a private app so we can more easily work on your theme. Without full access, we cannot do this.

If you are not comfortable giving us full access, please uncheck what you do not want us to see. If we need further access in the future, we will let you know however you should be aware that this can lead to longer development times. Also note that you can revoke our access at any time.

If you do not find the answer to your question listed within our FAQ's, you can always contact us directly.