Theme + Store Setup

When developing themes and setting up stores, we take a conservative approach and don't reinvent the wheel. We know that 80% of the success of a store is not how it looks, it's how it functions. We work to build themes and systems that are budget friendly and function as they should. 

Most of our projects start with a template from a trusted source and include customizations to make it your very own. For advanced projects, we can start from the ground up with custom code. 

Read on below to find out more about how we work and what you can expect working with us on your store setup.

We Don't Reinvent the Wheel

There are a ton of versatile themes from our trusted partners that can be modified to fit your exact specifications. Many benefits, including many advanced features, updates, and support as well as a great mobile experience come standard in these themes, so why start from scratch? This saves our clients thousands of dollars and months of unnecessary development time.

Dedicated Project Management

Our project managers are focused on one thing: getting your project to the finish line. We get it, we are all busy, that is why we keep things moving, re-send the email that goes unanswered, and push for the feedback we need. Our project managers ensure more closed projects, more deadlines met, and happy merchants with gorgeous sites.

Design, Develop, Train and Complete

We have a defined and strategic process that begins with designing the mockups of your site, building the theme, training you and your staff, and then handing the site over to you. With constant review and revision throughout, our process ensures you stay informed and make decisions before any time is wasted.

Training + Support For Success

All of our quotes include training for you and your team throughout the process. When we hand your the site to you, we go through all the changes we made and answer your questions if you are new to Shopify. We also support you after the project is complete through our email support system.

Industry Leading Tools + Software

With a dedicated team focused on Shopify, we are able to curate our tools and software to meet the needs of our clients. Designs completed in Sketch, themes developed in Git and with Theme Kit, as well as project management through allow us to share, build, collaborate, and design with ease.

Packages + Pricing

While many of our sites require custom quotes we also know that you want to know our ballpark amount up front. Below are three examples of site builds, the features included in each, and the cost associated. Get in touch with us and we can chat about your requirements to build a custom quote. 

Let's Book A Chat

We want to hear about your project, your vision, and what you want to see out of a new theme and store. We also want to have you join our growing list of happy and successful merchants all over the world. Get in touch and we can setup a time to talk. 

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