Draft Orders for POS

Shopify POS was released in 2013 to connect online stores with their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Their investment in hardware inspired us to fill the gap between Shopify and their POS, so merchants could find mutual success both online and instore.

Problems to Solve

Since POS was initially released, the app on iOS and Android did not support the ability to load draft orders. Since many apps and merchant workflows use draft orders, being able to access, add items to the POS cart, and save new draft orders has become a major requirement. Being able to save carts globally across devices is essential to provide customers an easy shopping experience.


When a saved cart is local to the device it was created on, it limits merchants and interrupts the flow of a customer transaction.


A limited search function slows down in store transactions and results in a poor experience for customers.


Combining online and in store sales has become a popular workflow for many merchants, and a cumbersome connection between the two can reduce sales and customer retention


This app was designed with merchants in mind - it needed to add value to the experience, not further burden it.

Our Solutions

Working closely with Maven Meals, we understand their needs as a business but also as a service provider. Kumquat is our solution to balancing automation with existing manual processes, offering scalability along with reliability in a package which meets the ever evolving needs of the company.


POS has allowed admins to save carts in the past, but it was only one cart and it was local to that device. Draft orders allows you to add a new draft with all of the details, then pull it up on any POS device.


Search every draft order in your store by name, email, tags or draft order number. It's easy to find the draft order you are looking for.


Whenever an order starts online and ends in store, Draft Orders for POS allows you to easily continue the customers order. It pairs great with other apps that save draft orders as well.


We build our apps on Amazon AWS with server-less technology to ensure the app is always online with near perfect availability as well as scalable, with new instances started quickly to ensure you're never left waiting.

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The Sign Shed - Custom Application

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