Customizations & Small Jobs

BentoSMB's mission is to help merchants realize success for their brands in every form of commerce. Through custom development, industry expert advice, and operational support, we help merchants globally build amazing online and brick and mortar stores that work for their needs.

Our team is small but mighty and are experts in everything that we do.

How We Work

We have a talented team of experts ready to help develop and build customizations, solve problems and come up with solutions that work for your store. Please browse some of the different job types below and get in touch with us based on what you are looking for. If you don't see what you're looking for below, get in touch anyway! We will work with you to develop a custom quote.

Custom Coding

Do you have a specific solution or functionality you need built for your store? Not a problem! We will work with a set of our custom codes to create a custom solution just for you.

Store Migrations

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of moving your store to Shopify? We help migrate stores from multiple different sources and can handle just the data migration or reproduce the site entirely, whatever makes the most sense for your business.

Customize Product & Collection Pages

Have a unique idea in mind for your product or collection pages? Need something designed that's a little outside of what comes baked into Shopify? We can code stunning pages that showcase your brand and products exactly as you envisioned.

Installing Apps

Looking to have an app installed and configured on your store? We can help get your new app set up and running smoothly. We can even help find the best app for you as part of our expert guidance.

Trouble Shooting and Problem Resolution

Have an issue you can’t solve? Has Shopify Support told you to contact an expert? We are happy to look at the problem and see what can be done to fix it.

Why You Can Trust Us

When it comes to customizations and small jobs, BentoSMB is a well oiled machine. We have a proven track record, backed up with client testimonials. We work with clients on small items like these on a daily basis and we are confident we can help you with yours.

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Store Setup & Guidance

Our system for discovery and design allows us to get to the roots and completely understand your problem, design a stable and expandable solution and present it all to you before we proceed to development.

Domain Configuration

Need help making sure your domains are set up and configured correctly? Experts in domains, dns, nameservers and everything in between, we will get you configured properly with Shopify.

Setup Subscription Products

If you're looking to have a subscription system configured for your Shopify store we can help. From finding the best apps, to ensuring everything is set up correctly, we know subscription based businesses inside and out.

Store Look & Feel Guidance

Think your store could look and feel better for your users? We can review your site and theme and make recommendations on what to improve to increase your sales metrics and improve user experience.

Our Work Examples

While a few of our solutions can be found in the Shopify App store, many are custom built and installed to select shops. Further, many are not something we can talk too much about (trade secrets and all). You’ll find the ones we can talk about below, so check them out! If something doesn’t jump out relating to your requirements, let us know and we can talk through it.

Verka Clogs - 2.0 Customizations

With years of providing a unique customer experience, Verka Clogs needed a refresh while still offering that same great experience. The release of Shopify 2.0 themes offered a new way to manage their themes in house, but the migration seemed challenging.

Learn more about Verka Clogs

Trainace - Custom Theme with Core Web Vitals

TrainACE was hardcoding most of the content in their theme, which proved difficult to manage. They were looking for a more future proof solution to managing all their data, and a jump start to all Shopify has to offer.

Learn more about Trainace
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