What We Do

We build custom apps and solutions for Shopify merchants. Thats it.

Our focus and proven process allow us to create industry leading solutions that fit the needs of our merchants exactly. And with over 7 years of Shopify Expert experience solving problems in all areas of e-commerce business, we can find the right solution each time.

Our Offering

Our core focus is solving problems for Shopify Merchants around the world that cannot be easily solved with existing applications. By developing bespoke solutions, we ensure your business can grow rapidly, expand with fewer errors and slow downs and provide the best experience for all stakeholders.

Operations & Administration

We build custom solutions to handle operational and administrative needs. Whether it’s connecting to third party logistics, helping to manage inventory, producing custom tailored reports, or just about anything in between, we work to understand the problem and produce solutions that streamline operations, improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Theme & Customer Experience

We build custom experiences for your customers to streamline sales and operations, boost conversions and reduce order errors. From custom quiz style apps, delivery and shipping selectors, online course integration and much more, we work to understand the business and customer experience properly and build a solution that works for everyone.

Point of Sale & Retail

We are experts in Shopify POS and retail setups, and build custom solutions to help quickly manage in store experiences for customers, staff and admin. From custom rewards programs, product lookup details, shipping calculators, label printing, draft orders, restaurant order management and much more, we make sure solutions are fast, efficient and easy to use. We also work to bridge the gap between in person and online sales.

Checkout & Payments

Using one of Shopify’s newest APIs and custom checkout access via Shopify Plus, we’ve built custom experiences for even the most demanding projects. Bridging the gap with custom payment gateways, subscription services and custom checkout flows, we can create truly custom checkout flows to increase conversion, add functionality and inform customers during the payment journey.

Process Driven with a Proven Method of Success

A culmination of a lot of research, learning and working with customers, our process provides transparency, ownership, efficiency, accuracy and easy adjustments along the way. It's built with growth in mind, with constant and iterative upgrades to the process so we adjust as needed along the way.

Initial Project Validation

In our first step we determine what the overall project is going to encompass, determine the general timing and budget, review our processes and systems and make sure we have a good fit between all stakeholders to ensure a smooth project.

Deep Understanding & User Stories

Next, we spend time to further understand the specifics of the project by developing user stories for each of the general areas the solution touches. We work to validate these even further, diving deeper into the specifics and producing mock ups, wireframes and documentation to facilitate speedy development

Build, Schedule and Develop

We plan our weekly sprints to include project work along side smaller tasks across all our projects. This allows us to deliver rapid changes for critical issues while maintaining order throughout on bigger projects.

Transparent Project Management

For large projects, we deliver and discuss weekly progress and adjust the path ahead accordingly. For all tasks, we give full visibility to the status of each and every item we have, where it is in the process and when it has been scheduled to be completed.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Maintenance tasks as well as additional support continues beyond the end of any project. Smaller projects or tasks are inserted into our workflow and attached to sprints alongside larger projects.

Billing & Invoicing

Our billing and invoicing works on a general agency model. You only pay for the time you use, and each member of the team is able to contribute to each area of your project

Fair & Honest Rates

Our pricing is based on providing exceptional service, retaining exceptional talent and providing a living wage to all of our employees. Hourly rates are based on individuals and are adjusted once per year, with clear communication so there is never any surprises.

Transparent Time Tracking

Each task is estimated and time tracked accurately in 15 minute blocks. This ensures you know what to expect and what has been billed along the way.

Retainers & Monthly Invoices

Each month we look at the amount of time we expect to bill and collect a retainer for that amount. This is then used to pay monthly invoices and topped up or returned based on the following months requirement.

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