Application Development

Shopify on its own has a lot of features, but it doesn't do everything. An extensive API and SDK system allows developers to extend the platform with custom applications. Our apps do just that. We build private and public applications through the admin, online store, POS, mobile and pretty much every platform Shopify operates on. Scroll down to find out more about our apps, what makes us different, and pricing examples. 

Types of Applications

We offer three different types of app builds to solve different problems. Each have different limitations and costs associated with them.

Building Apps

Whether it is a private app, microservice, or public app, we use the process defined below to determine the best way forward to solve your unique business case. This process is tried and true and has been used to build and supply the very best apps to solve the true problems facing the businesses we partner with.

Examples Of Our Work

We have built multiple applications that do a lot of different things. Below are a few examples of the private and public apps we have built for customers, as well as for ourselves.

Draft Orders For POS

Our first Public app, Draft Orders for POS, solves a major issue for many merchants using the Shopify POS platform. Draft orders were never supported, and now they are. Other apps can make drafts, and merchants can then view, save, and apply those draft orders directly to the POS cart.

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Advanced Online Courses

A custom application was developed to help Theorie Toppers offer online courses for purchase on their site, while also offering a simple direct access area for signed in users. The admin interface allows the control of licenses and course materials.

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Tax Submission Application

Taxwerx wanted to have a seamless system for their custom app, their purchase system, and the rest of their site. Using an application proxy, we integrated a custom application to run directly inside Shopify, allowing users to make purchases seamlessly as well as providing a simple admin interface directly in the Shopify admin.

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Have an app idea or a need to fill?

We want to hear about it if you do. We are happy to discuss your options and find out what makes sense based on your business size, scale, and budget. We work to build solutions that fit your business so drop us a line.

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