A bowl of butternut squash soup.

The Why Behind our Recipes App

Earlier this year Shopify launched the Shopify App Challenge. The brief, create an app that helps solve a challenge amplified by COVID-19, but that would also have staying power beyond the pandemic crisis.

We knew, without a doubt, that we wanted to be a part of this challenge. So, our small team set to work building our second public Shopify application, Recipes.

The Challenge

We knew we wanted the app to help solve COVID-19 related challenges for both merchants and consumers.

Two things immediately jumped to mind, limited access to food and ingredients for many of us, as well as more deeply felt food scarcity impacting our communities as a whole, especially for more vulnerable members of our community who faced increased difficulty accessing food and essentials. 

Vegetables on a wooden board.

Our Solution

Our solution is simple, give both merchants and consumers access to stunning, SEO formatted Recipes in Shopify Stores, allowing customers to access 

So, we set to work creating Recipes.

Recipes not only allows merchants to increase their engagement and better promote their products and content but also allows consumers to find amazing recipes that use the ingredients they have at hand. 

Bowl of butternut squash soup

How the App Fights Hunger

In addition to helping merchants and consumers, we knew we wanted the app to make a difference to those in our community who struggle with food scarcity and hunger.

Recipes gives $1 of every app sale to local organizations in the Ottawa, Canada area that fight hunger. 

We know how hard these organizations work year-round to keep people fed and that the need during this pandemic has been even greater.

We hope that the app continues to grow and that our support of these amazing organizations can continue well beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

Loaf of bread sliced.

The Results?

We submitted our app to the Shopify team and were thrilled to win one of the top 10 prizes of the Shopify App Challenge.

This exciting news was a huge win for a small team and we're so excited to have Shopify's support as we move this, and future apps, forward.

We won the Shopify App challenge


Where we are Today

So, that's the journey behind Recipes and how we got to here.

Not only is Recipes perfect for food-related content, but it's also great for DIYs and How-Tos for your blog or small businesses. 

We hope you'll love it as much as we do :) 

Try it for FREE

To download Recipes and try it for FREE click here! You can add up to 5 recipes or how-tos to your Shopify theme for free. After that, upgrade to our paid version and help fight hunger while growing your business (a win-win in our opinion