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Offering a flexible product is essential to meet the needs of a broad market. The Sign Shed sought to grow their brand, by providing a suite of tools which empower customers to design for context.

Problems to Solve

Creating a tailored experience for each customer has its obstacles but applying a solution which manages each interaction is vital. Providing a scalable and customer first approach, The Sign Shed would maintain leadership in the extensive industry of sign manufacturing.


Adapting products to meet the needs of each customer, quickly consumes essential resources.


Designing an interface which accommodates the customers approach is necessary for the app to be successful.


An unrefined creative method facilitates results that don’t properly communicate purpose for the customers operation.

Our Solutions

We designed a collection of tools which allowed The Sign Shed to develop templates and manage creativity. Product Customizer offers a depth of features, which allows their team to direct the vision of each customer while still providing the freedom to meet the needs of all occasions.


Automating an established process while managing the customers needs creates a market guided by necessity.


Unifying our system with the existing storefront, customers bring together ideas through an interface that just works.


Guiding the customers experience, our app can support a service by highlighting the important questions for each circumstance.

As one of the UK's fastest growing online signs shop, The Sign Shed was looking to enhance its personalised signage range. Unimpressed by the box-standard Shopify app offerings we wanted a bespoke online sign customiser that would not only have a modern, fresh look, but would also be extremely user-friendly. We needed a Shopify Expert company to handle the project and Bento SMB impressed us with their enthusiasm and expertise in app development. They worked through the design and implementation with us and the project was completed on time, in budget at the end of 2021, and looks and works way beyond our expectations! Their attention to detail, professionalism and communication were exemplary. We're now working with them again on further enhancements to the app and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Bento SMB to Shopify Merchants worldwide.

Rob Haywood, Operations Director, Sign Shed

Drafting Templates

Our goal is always to hand off a project, giving our clients the tools to move forward without needing our help in the future. Through our application, The Sign Shed team can configure groupings of customizations that are available to customers. When they are ready to introduce a new design, material or product, they have all the skills necessary to do so! Our app is designed to be user friendly for both The Sign Shed and their customers.

Designing a Product

The Sign Shed required a format that works for their existing and future customers. Providing a light weight interface, we reduced complexity around designing a custom sign. With options for materials to even mounting layouts, only the associated options are displayed along with subtle suggestions to help. Accessible directly through the product page, customers can enjoy a noncompromising experience built directly into the storefront they understand.

Coordinating Exchanges

Customers can create a functional sign and, by offering a dynamic service, manage each aspect, which is integral to customer success. We’ve strived to improve this interaction by automating repeatable processes, streamlining customer creations and ensuring a familiar shopping experience. Designs are accessible in formats that make sense and can be fulfilled like any other product, as we continue to strive to create solutions that work for the business.

Process Driven with a Proven Method of Success

Our proven method of surfacing the issues at hand, discovering how to solve the problems in the most effecient way, and building solutions using existing and new tooling defines our success. Learn more about how we tackle projects and create solutions.

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