Fairstone - Custom Payment Gateway

Fairstone offers financial options to customers through the Shopify checkout and a solution which is universal to all Shopify stores while still providing full customization was imperative. Integrating directly into the Shopify payment gateway, any store could add the Fairstone application and offer financial solutions for any scenario while allowing the store to configure what financial plans work with their business.

Problems to Solve

Fairstone offers their service through many channels, and Shopify was their next undertaking with its growing user base. They required a way to offer customers refined customizations of financial options, visibility to bring awareness to customers to help drive sales, but most importantly reliability in the service they provide.


Each business is different, offering the best payment plans for your customers is important to make a sale. Offering the business with full customization of their plans and the ability to test out their integration was top priority for Fairstone.


Payment plans needed to be available at checkout, and it was important to Fairstone that it be seamlessly integrated with the other out-of-the-box Shopify checkout options so it felt like a native part of checkout.


Fairstone is growing company that requires a flexible solution to meet their various offerings across multiple languages and business scenarios. With so many offerings they need to ensure their Shopify partners can create the best experience for their business.

Our Solutions

Giving customers more options leads to higher sales, and merchants can provide an alternative payment method for their customers using Fairstone’s payment plans. It was important that merchants had the ability to manage their plans in a way that reflect their unique business needs, as well as uphold their branding and language.


Our application offered full control of payment plans and the ability for the business to decide when options were offered, where they were shown to customers and how much was offered based on their terms.


We worked with Fairstone to establish them as a Shopify payment provider, making their service seamlessly incorporated into any store experience. Once configured, the application would automatically appear on the Shopify storefront and in the checkout experience.


With the ability to configure in development mode, merchants can test out all the features Fairstone offers and once everything is approved with one simple click they can push everything to production.

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