Habitat for Humanity Ottawa - POS App

Habitat for Humanity - Ottawa ReStore was looking for a customized loyalty program that provided more than was available in the app store. It would reward customers for their donations, have customers earn points for making a purchase and allow them to redeem points for dollar amount coupons on their next purchase.

Problems to Solve

The Ottawa ReStore knows how significant a role rewards can play in the success of your business - it keeps customers coming back for more! But when your products are donated and always changing, that leaves few options for out-of-the-box solutions.


Habitat needed an app that allowed their customers to earn points towards dollar amount coupons for online or in store purchases - nothing on the app store was quite sufficient.


Since the staff are primarily volunteers, the app needed to allow for different permission groups for security purposes, but run through one interface.

Automatic Reporting

The app also needed to track all transactions - rewards given and recieved. Rewards given and redeemed would cause a reporting nightmare if not accurately accounted.

Our Solutions

An effective rewards program is one that works for both the merchants using it and the customers enjoying it. We listened to what Habitat needed to make it work for them, their volunteers and their customers, resulting in a rewards program that works for everyone.


We integrated a loyalty points card into customers' accounts to allow them to redeem or refund reward points easily.


We set up multiple administration access groups so only administrators could gift points, but volunteers would be able to redeem them easily.

Automatic Reporting

The system we built tracks all activity for each customer so that Habitat can easily generate any reports they might need.

“As a charity selling donated goods, we faced unique challenges when building an e-commerce component to our operation. Bento took the time to understand our business, listened to our needs, and developed unique customizations to help bring our Online Store to a new level. They are a pleasure to work with and we are very pleased with the results.”

Allan Avis, Director of ReStores

Custom Access Groups

We set up multiple administration access groups to allow clerks to generate redeemable codes to offer to customers who donated, and they could redeem the from within their own points manager. Each permission group was customizable so Habitat could control which groups could access which parts of the admin app, resulting in a secure and easily accessible rewards system.

Dynamic Points System

We integrated a loyalty points card into the customer’s account to allow them to redeem or refund points easily. We included customizable tiers for point redemption so Habitat can manage this going forward, and dynamic coupon creation that can be associated to a specific customer.

Automatic Reporting

It was imperative that our system tracks all rewards activity for each customer. At the click of a button, Habitat can see how many loyalty points were given out, redeemed and returned. This saves hours of manual labour and reduces risk of error and misreporting.

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