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With the rapidly expanding industry of food delivery, Maven Meals' once viable business practices were no longer the best fit. They needed help advancing into a new era of automation to ensure they can offer the same great services to even more happy customers.

Problems to Solve

Keeping up with the market can be difficult and juggling spreadsheets along with day to day operations will surely lead to bottlenecks. However, the solution may not always be obvious until we understand what automation can do for a business.


Manual processes are time consuming and not viable to keep up with customer demand.

Error Reduction

Managing the inevitable obstacles becomes impossible without hindering customer happiness.


Coordinating with a variety of tools to print labels and reports immediately reduces output and over complicates the objective.

Third Party Integrations

Working with external companies is complicated and each have their own learning curve.


Every customer experience is crucial to success but with thousands of customers, fulfilling each order becomes a logistical nightmare.

Our Solutions

Working closely with Maven Meals, we understand their needs as a business but also as a service provider. Kumquat is our solution to balancing automation with existing manual processes, offering scalability along with reliability in a package which meets the ever evolving needs of the company.


Reimagining time consuming processes into light weight flows delivering predictable results each time.

Error Reduction

Employing robust tools which are tested thoroughly, along with monitoring systems in real-time to overcome the days obstacles.


Designing reproduce-able methodologies for daily business reports and reliable 3PL services, all while staying agile for changing needs.

Third Party Integrations

Simplifying partnerships by allowing our team to make sense of external services for delivery and finances, making expanding the business more accessible.


Predicting the future through the use of standardized practices to better understand future needs based on current demands.

"We had a complex issue we desperately needed a solution for to allow us to scale up our operations as demand increased. The BentoSMB team took incredible care to ensure they understood all the intricacies of our processes in order to suggest a complete, scalable solution. Kumquat, the custom app the team developed, connects & passes information between multiple platforms, has revolutionized our processes & has given us a tremendous amount of flexibility to be agile as new circumstances come up. The entire BentoSMB team is professional, wicked smart, timely & personable, making working with them an absolute pleasure. BentoSMB is our go-to for all our development needs and I can't recommend them highly enough!"

Heidi Finley, Maven Meals CEO

Third Party Delivery Service

Our system manages scheduling for Maven Meals fleet of couriers, offering a dynamic solution to order fulfillment for thousands of customers. We’ve design an assortment of parameters that meet the needs of their unique operation, among freeing up crucial resources. Automating these core operations, coordinating with multiple third parties we can ensure the order arrives on time and directly to the customer.

Daily Order Reporting

We’ve equipped Maven Meals with a tool to coordinate their fulfillment team, along with an elegant solution to ensuring every order reaches the customer. Offering a multitude of live reports, we facilitate each orders quality and service guarantees. With access to in-depth data on orders, we’ve streamlined an approach too forecasting the future. Providing the most essential information in a variety of formats, customized for the business.

Real Time Error Monitoring

With changing parameters and growing interest, obstacles will inevitably be faced but with the right tool we can mitigate concerns. Our system monitors all unexpected behavior throughout the application, flagging hiccups in real-time. Facilitating quick access to context has allowed for fast responses to uncommon orders through third parties changes. We continue to work with the team at Maven Meals to expand this feature and provide solutions that best fits their needs.

Process Driven with a Proven Method of Success

Our proven method of surfacing the issues at hand, discovering how to solve the problems in the most effecient way, and building solutions using existing and new tooling defines our success. Learn more about how we tackle projects and create solutions.

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