TrainACE - Custom Theme with Core Web Vitals

TrainACE was hardcoding most of the content in their theme, which proved difficult to manage. They were looking for a more future proof solution to managing all their data, and a jump start to all Shopify has to offer.

Problems to Solve

The manual process of constantly updating theme content was cumbersome and difficult. It was important that Trainace’s store could automatically request and generate course and campus schedules, and have an overall fresh and accessible site.


When your products are classes with schedules that are constantly changing, frequent and necessary updates are rather burdensome in a hardcoded site.


The hardcoded content was inhibiting customers from navigating their site easily and intuitively - at the core of it, the site just wasn’t accessible.


TrainACE wanted to update their entire website to look and feel more dynamic and true to their vision to reflect the services they are providing to their community.

Our Solutions

We rebuilt the theme from the ground up, keeping Shopify 2.0 at the front of our minds. Allowing TrainACE full control of template customization was going to be the answer to all of their problems.


We wrote scripts to dynamically create campus schedules and included helpful tools, like the ability to filter. Now it’s easier for TrainACE to update their changing schedules and stay on top of things.


Collaborating with TrainACE, we updated the layout of course pages so they can showcase the content they care about most to every customer that visits their page. Customers are able to contact them faster and with less obstacles in the updated, easy to navigate site.


We rebuilt the theme from the ground up with Shopify 2.0 at the forefront of our minds. TrainACE has full control over template customization, which means they can update, change and revise with full autonomy.

Custom Schedule Templates

Now it’s easier for TrainACE to update their changing schedules and stay on top of things. Buy providing them with a template, it is easy for them to update their schedules as needed - and no coding knowledge necessary!

Expanded Product Templates

Sometimes a store needs more than what is available out of the box. This is especially true for merchants like TrainAce, whose services are a bit more complicated than an average product. We helped TrainAce set up metafields so all of their products can be customized and ensures their services get in front of the right customers.

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