Verka Clogs - 2.0 Theme

With years of providing a unique customer experience, Verka Clogs needed a refresh while still offering that same great experience. The release of Shopify 2.0 themes offered a new way to manage their themes in house, but the migration seemed challenging.

Problems to Solve

Offering modern features to your customers fuels growth while ensuring your brand stays relevant. Shopify 1.0 made it difficult for Verka Clogs to manage incremental theme updates on their time, causing reliance on third-party developers and decreasing their ability to be agile with their branding and campaigns.

Brand Identity

The brand was growing and moving forward with their audience, but the theme made it difficult to represent all the great new additions they had to offer


Reliance on third-party developers made updates a bigger undertaking than necessary. With so many great ideas in the pipeline, they needed a way to roll them out in their own timelines.


The Verka Clogs catalogue was expanding, which required new ways to show each of their amazing new offerings to their growing customer base and capture sales.

Our Solutions

We found all the custom features in their 1.0 theme and created a plan to not only migrate their content over to Shopify 2.0 but also improve their existing customizations to meet their new needs. Our solution maintained the customer experience and helped Verka Clogs continue to improve their brand for the future.

Brand Identity

Migrating to Shopify 2.0 has allowed their team to roll out new campaigns as quickly as they are thought up, ensuring their products are presented their way - with their customers in mind.


Theme updates are no longer held up by external schedules - redesigns and collection refreshes were more manageable. Keeping a brand relevant has proven easier with the ability to rapidly try out new ideas and grow their customer base.


To bring attention to their new collections built a product survey, managed through the Shopify theme customizer. With full control over how each aspect of the survey is presented, they are able to show the relevant products to the right customers, increasing their overall sales.

Product Survey

The product survey is a cost effective solution to ensuring their products get in front of the right customers. We designed this solution to work with any of their themes, making sure that it never hinders future change for the Verka Clogs team. It allows their team to create an unlimited number of surveys with no limitations on how many options or results they can configure. The product survey is a great fit for their customers, driving sales and overall product awareness.

Theme Comparison

The Verka Clogs team was ready to migrate to 2.0, but were unsure of all the updates that had been made to their theme over the years. With multiple development teams and various applications, keeping up with all the changes is impossible. Our team was able to run a comparison of their current theme against the original theme to fully understand every change and make sure all integral customizations were migrated to their new theme.

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